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International House & Pet-sitting

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Our background in real estate has given us a unique appreciation for the need to keep a property in excellent condition. We are responsible, easy to work with, impeccable tenants.

Our goal is to leave your home in better shape than we found it and, if applicable, to care for your pets as if they were our own. We are animal lovers with years of experience caring for dog, cats, birds, fish, poultry, horses, rabbits and even dolphins! (See our full profile below.)

Because we run our own businesses, we are very flexible about accepting assignments for various lengths and in a wide variety of locals, and understand that you have certain ways of doing things you need us to maintain. Please contact us if you have need for a caring home- or pet-sitter. We’d be happy to help!


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Jen and Dan SilverIntroduction

They say design your work to fit your life, not the other way around. We have taken that advice to heart! We sold our house near Napa Valley, CA in 2007 and have never looked back. Since then we have lived and worked in many different locations, with many different animals, including dogs, cats, birds, horses, frogs, lizards and even butterflies!

We have been married 20 years and have 4 wonderful kids, 3 of whom travel with us (the eldest is an adult now). We founded tech companies and worked in Silicon Valley in the 1990’s tech-boom. We then founded our real estate investing consulting company and a advised others on moving their investments into CA real Estate during the boom.

aurora with kittenWe have since become full-time world travelers, property managers and pet sitters, running our businesses anywhere we have good wi-fi. Jennifer also is an internationally shown artist. We have cared for homes and pets in modest settings (100 sq. ft. caravan) and mansions (8,000 sq. ft. with home theater, pool and wine cellar. Our kids are extremely well behaved and reliable in even the finest homes.). We always leave every home even better than we found it!

We are passionate about helping others while showing our kids the big beautiful world that exists outside of mainstream America. They school online, and we can work and volunteer from anywhere, so we want to go Everywhere. We would love to consider your needs and wants to see if we are a good fit for you.

Why we want to house sit

Because we love animals, local properties, and people! (That may sound like a line, bit it’s true.) We have traveled a lot for work and pleasure, and hotels have lost their appeal. We’d rather be in a lived-in apartment or house than even a luxury hotel (well, 99% of the time ;-). And, we have left our own beloved pets with dear friends for our European adventures, so cuddle time with new fur-friends helps us as much as it helps you. We also like making friends with locals wherever we go. We try to be “travellers, not tourists”. We try to really assimilate into each new place by shopping, dining, and living like locals. We remain friends with the property owners we work with whenever we get a chance. We love having friends all around the world who in turn visit us!

Jen with tigwerWhat we bring to the assignment / relevant experience

Animals have been a big part of my life, both personally and professionally, from the very start. I was always the girl taking in strays and bringing them back to health. We had many cats, a dog, and many fish as a child. My first “job” was at age 8 when I finally pestered the local pet shop to let me volunteer. In addition to keeping all the pets clean, fed and loved, I did anything they asked, including all the things the employees didn’t want to do. (Ever bathed a boa constrictor? I have. It’s a loooolong story. 😉 )

jen with horsesI also grew up riding and caring for horses. I know how to feed, groom, exercise, muck, and administer medications as instructed. I volunteered for years at a horse shelter and tended to everything from old mares to retired racehorses. I was on the equestrian team at Cornell University, where I paid for my lessons by mucking stalls and exercising rich students’ thoroughbreds.

As a teen I was part of a science course which introduced girls to basic veterinary and zoological experiences, during which I got to work with farm animals (poultry, sheep, goats & pigs). I even helped behind-the-scenes with dolphins at the Indianapolis, Indiana zoo.

More recentlAri with Jazzy photo shadowy, we have experience sitting for cats and dogs ranging from “mutts” to show dogs. I am no vet but know how to keep an eye out for health issues and am gentle and caring with ill or elderly animals. I can help with basic bathing, nail trimming, etc. and am willing to take your pet to a groomer and/or vet if you cover costs.

I have recently been introduced to the joy of owning birds as my children, (all extreme animal lovers) got a parakeet last year. Or at least, this was our first pet bird. We are have for years gone to a local provider of fresh eggs and lived in a community where many kept backyard chickens, so we’re familiar with their care.

Aaron with dogsSpeaking of children, I really hope they are considered an added benefit rather than something that would rule us out. We are a family of 5: Jennifer, Daniel, Ariana (14), Aaron (12) and Aurora (6). I can guarantee that no adult could play and love your animals better than my well-behaved, big-hearted, fun-loving kids. My kids are attuned to animals and intuitively know when they want more, and when they need a break, and never run out of patience for walks, fetch, or snuggles. At the same time, they understand that some pets need space, and are happy entertaining themselves other ways if requested. They provide an extra pair of hands when needed and can collected eggs and brushed goats with the best of them.  And fetch? Have you ever heard of a boy who wouldn’t love to play fetch for hours? 🙂

Thank you so much for your consideration. I hope this gives you a thorough look into the type of loving home and pet-tenders we have become. We would be thrilled to be selected for your upcoming sit!

Aaron playing fetch