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Travel Hacks

Here are a few incredibly valuable and useful resources we currently recommend. While we do receive remuneration for some links, we would never refer you to something we do not use and enjoy ourselves.


Travel Insurance

trusted Housesitters double imageTrustedHousesiters.Com: This brilliant site is a win-win for animal lovers and travelers alike! Own a home and want to travel – find a rated, reputable person or family to come and take care of your fur babies, (or fish or farm animals)! Want to live rent-free in amazing properties around the world, all for caring for lovely 4-legged friends? This is the place! We have our eye on a 500 year old farmhouse in Tuscany. Which one will you choose?


Thousand Trails: This is our RV Membership club, and has given us camping for about $2 a day (compare that to $80/day at some campgrounds, not including ‘kid tax’!) For the value, it simply can’t be beat as a way to slow travel from resort to resort, allowing you to choose when you’d like to pay for a private campground in those cases you need to be nearer to a big city, or closer to family, etc.

(If you do decide to purchase Thousand trails – call us first! We can help you get the best deal and we may receive a small referral fee to help keep our rig rolling along… )


Fulltime Families: This is the incredible, and incredibly helpful, community that helped us learn all we needed to know in order to feel confident that this lifestyle was both do-able, and a good match for us. Everything from life-long friendships, to Q&A, decorating, discounts, hacks and live events can be gained by becoming a member. ¬†Don’t leave home without it. They even offer a virtual ‘scouting program’ which allows both boys and girls to connect and do a bit of community service, earn badges and more!




Boondockers WelcomeBoondockers Welcome!: This is an online tool to help you connect with people all over the US and Canada who are willing to host you on their private property, usually for free! Some even have full hook-ups and are pet- and child-friendly. I think we only earn a few pennies referring these folks, but what they have to offer is so valuable we just can’t help but pass it along!