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Yes, this is a “family blog” but nothing keeps a family together like romance. If parents are in love, things run more smoothly for everyone! Our idea of “romance” may change over time (we’ve been together 20 years, after all – sometimes romance means giving each other a day ALONE), but one thing remains the same – it is important for us to show our love and gratitude for each other and for our union. Here are a few family-friendly ways we’ve done that lately:

The Love Lock Bridge, Kennebunkport, Massachusetts.

We found a lovelock bridge! The bridge in Paris that was on my bucket list has decided to take them all down, but while on yesterday’s hunt for the B&B where we stayed 18 years ago in Kennebunkport, Maine, we spotted this bridge. But we missed the hardware store by 7 minutes! Nothing left to do but turn this into an excuse for a 2nd date night in a row (unheard of!). We bought a padlock and sharpie, and put both to use while listening to opera and sharing glass of good wine and plate of clam pasta (the dish Daniel Silver made to win my heart). We talked of our storied past and hopes for the future, and what each of us can do to ensure the other continues to feel loved. Then we strolled to the bridge, latched our lock, sealed it with a smooch and threw away the key. Hope to turn this into a tradition whenever we see other lovelocks on our travels, so let us know if you see them! 

Decorated Locks for Kennebunkport Maine Love Lock Bridge


Kennebunkport Maine Lovelock Bridge Top Shot

Kennebunkport Maine Lovelock Full Display


Kennebunkport Maine Lovelock Bridge Kiss