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Our “Soundtrack”

soundtrack to lifeIf I could have any superpower in the world, I think I’d be a musician. Creating music is a skill I do not have (yet), but that doesn’t stop me from listening to it every chance I get. Maybe it’s just my way of drowning out the “music” (and I use that term loosely) from the kids’ cartoons, but whenever I’m going through something emotional or intense, I find I tend to find one or two songs particularly meaningful. They auto-loop in my head, crafting the “soundrack” to my life. Thought I’d share a few of them here, so you can listen along…




Our “Theme Song”: “My Silver Lining”, First Aid Kit

It is easy now to feel like this nomadic life was the right choice for our family. But before we launched, it was incredibly scary. We had researched it for years, following groups of other nomadic families via Fulltime Families on facebook, but didn’t pull the trigger until a health crisis forced us to make some serious changes.  Starting a blog that helped us orient to the idea that the changes could lead to a brighter future helped a lot, and SilverLiningLife.com was born. During one of the first days of creating the website, we ran across this song, which seemed to capture so much about how we were feeling.

Staying true to ourselves: Estelle – “Do My Thing” featuring Janelle Monáe

This song is a bit juvenile, but it really captured the rebellious and sassy feel we needed to brush off all the shaming doubters who were convinced we were ruining our and our kids’ lives. Funny how the people who are the most unhappy are the same ones who seem so sure they know how others should live their lives, isn’t it?  Thanks goodness we “did our thing”, and crafted our own lives as we saw best, while wishing them the best living theirs.

Nervous yet hopeful: “Home”, Phillip Phillips

We’ve moved by choice a lot during our 20 years together, each time building a community, decorating and/or renovating to make the place our “home”.  But we’d always been going to another house, whereas this time it was different. On the day of our launch, as we were pulling away from our house with the few belongings we hadn’t sold, gifted, or donated, I was struck with momentary panic. We were leaving our home behind (again) and downsizing to a teensy RV. Would it ever feel like home? You bet! And this song helps capture exactly why.


There for each other – “Bridge over Troubled Water” by Simon & Garfunkel
Before we were ready to get to a place where we could be forward thinking, we had to take time to really deal with our pasts and present.  This song has always been meaningful to me, but even more so during this time, when we took turns being each others bridge.


On the road – “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

As we began our trip across country, picked up our rig and made it our own, it became clearer that home really is wherever the heart is. As long as we’re together, I am Home. <3


Feeling positive about the future: “Good Life” by One Republic

We’ve been on the road about 10 months now. Looking back, it seems like much longer since launched, as so much has happened since then. We’ve found a better work/life balance, re-evaluated a lot of our priorities and our choices, set boundaries and cleared out toxic people and behaviors, and grown closer in the process. We’ve learned to absorb more of the positive, to allow more joy and gratitude, and to rest. We’re back at work and taking things one step at a time, re-evaluating and remaining open to change as things unfold. There’s always more to learn, they don’t call it ‘practicing’ gratitude for nothing, but it’s starting to seem clear that, as the song says, “this is going to be a good life.”


Feeling good: “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone

No explanation needed. This song says it all.