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After a 25 year career in marketing and sales, it may be surprising that, for the most part, we haven’t sought out a ton of press for this worldschooling venture.  Sure, we do work with sponsors and companies to help fund our travel, but we haven’t gone our of our way to work the papers, tv, etc.  We have however been really honored to be invited to participate in a few podcasts and shows that highlight worldschooling and location independent living.  Here are a few recordings:


An Epic Education

We did a really enjoyable interview with Jason Jenikins of An Epic Education, which is a weekly podcast that has been highlighting all the various ways people are traveling and education their children while on the move.  Jason is an incredible host, and did a great job drawing out our full story. This is a great way to listen to the journey we’ve been on, both figuratively and literally!



“Worldschooling is getting a lot of attention today, and well it should. On today’s episode, I talk with Jen Silver about how her family discovered worldschooling after the real estate crash and a number of other personal tragedies made them reassess their family’s life and education.”


For the Love of Learning -Voices of the Alternative Education Movement

This was a real honor to do. For the Love of Learning has been an incredible influence which shaped the way we have educated our own children. For years we have seen Lainie Liberti (The “Mama of Worldschooling” ) run the facebook group and host this podcast.  This has long been a treasured resource for those looking to educate their children outside of the traditional path.

Expedition Portal – Going Nomad Article by Jessica Michael

We were surprised and excited to be asked to be included in this article for Expedition Portal, which highlighted three different types of travelers!

Going Nomad

An Epic Education -Year End Re-cap:

We were lucky enough to have our earlier interview included in the year-end highlight reel: http://www.anepiceducation.com/?powerpress_pinw=11219-podcast


For the Love of Learning -Voices of the Alternative Education Movement

Ari and Aaron were interviewed specifically to share their experience as “CCK” or Cross-cultural kids. Cross-cultural kids are kids who move in and out of so many cultures, that they tend to feel everywhere CAN be home, while at the same time, they are not tied to any one place as home.  Often CCKs, recognize cultural clashes or aspects of each place that they enjoy or dislike more than someone who has lived in one place their entire lives.