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Our Story

 The short version is this…

goals achieved

Not sure what we mean?  How about this one:


We kid…kind of.

We are now at the point with this blog where we’re getting interested questions about our lives. Questions like “I wish I could…” or “If only…” or “You’re so lucky…”


We have had so many ups and downs in our lives that if we told you the WHOLE story, it would sound like a bad Telemundo soap opera. Dan and I both come from hard childhoods. Neither of us had support for university and had to make our own way, working minimum wage jobs while we gained skills, education, experience and connections.

Think working two jobs by age 14 because my Mom could only afford to heat one room of our house in freezing winters. Think sleeping a few hours each night because, after those jobs were done, there were hours of homework needed to get into the Ivy League. Think taking a leap of faith and leaving that very university to drive thousands of miles to a state you’ve never seen, in the hopes the man you love is who he seems (he was). Think risking everything to work for not much more than glorified pieces of paper otherwise known as stock certificates, never knowing if you’d see a dime from your 70-hour work weeks…Now, imagine that in the middle all of this, your mom was dying of cancer, and you’ll have a little idea of what we’ve gone through on the journey to create this life…And remember, that’s only my half of the story. Dan’s is worse! 😉

So no, we are not what you would call “lucky”. We’re more “persistent”, or “hardworking”.  We’ll even cop to “single-minded to the point of obsession”.  Mostly though, we’re “hopeful”.

We made a million in high-tech, lost a million in real estate, made much of it back in business, only to lose it again when our business partner nearly died (he’s okay now, thankfully!). We have lost parents, friends, business partners and pregnancies. Special needs and severe illness? We deal with that too. We have had to start again, and again…and again.

That’s the way life works. At least that’s the way OUR life works. Your life may look different, and that’s fine too!

We’re happiest pushing the envelope, pursuing things with passion rather than playing it safe. We like putting ourselves in new situations and environments, even when it makes us uncomfortable, because that’s the best way we learn new things.  We’re okay messing up until we get the hang of things. It has always been more about the journey than the destination. About new sights, sounds, tastes, ideas and experiences. We’ve pursued the arts, promoted world-altering technologies, met Broadway stars and best-selling authors, run marathons and surfed in paradise, lived in mansions and worked with some of the brightest and most creative people there are. Has it been easy? NO. Has it been worth it?

Hell Yes.

Every time we have thought we have experienced dark times, we have emerged having changed and grown in important ways.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

While of course we don’t seek out pain or hardship, we wouldn’t trade for a calmer, more stable life. We recognize that hardship can be the catalyst for growth. We have learned so much, and continue to evolve and refine our goals and priorities. We’ve learned to not take life for granted, to hang on dearly to the people who treat us right, and to prune those who don’t. We’ve made a million memories that money can’t buy. We’ve learned to work in ways that allow us to live the way we want to live – focused on health, family, friends, art, education and travel.

We don’t have it all figured out.

We’re still learning of course!  Hopefully that will always be true.  We’re sure to make many more mistakes and, when we do, we’ll learn from those too.  But we do know that, for now, we are loving our nomadic life, our kids are blooming, and we’re richer in many ways than ever before.

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