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About Us

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Hi! We’re the Silver Family. Nice To Meet You! 

Family means the world to us. We’re very close-knit, which is probably not too surprising considering we travel together, work together, play together and school together, sometimes in as little as in a 100 square ft! Within that space though, there is plenty of room for each of us to grow. We like the idea of “roots and wings,” which is to say we give each other a solid base of unconditional love and encourage each other to dream, attempt, learn, and evolve in a never-ending quest to become the best people we can during our fleeting time on Earth. We’re no strangers to struggle. We’ve been through plenty of dark times, so we’ve learned that when we stick together, move forward as a team, and seek ‘the silver lining’ in any situation, life gets lighter, richer, and more fulfilling. We have many varied passions and pursuits: travel (obviously), art and music, business and investing, science and technology, politics and philanthropy, health and personal growth, and just plain old having fun with friends. Above all though, we are interested in progress, individually and collectively. We live with love, integrity and compassion as our guiding lights and feel grateful each day for each other, and for another chance to give life all we’ve got!

Want more info? Read more about who we are, learn our backstory, or listen to our “sound track“.

Thanks for joining us! We look forward to getting to know you better as we move onward on our journey!