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Welcome to Silver Lining Life! We’re living our dream of full-time world travel, working and learning as we go. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to virtually tag along, learning along side us and experiencing the sights and sounds here and on social media. Expect adventure, inspiration, food & attraction reviews, travel hacks & more! 

roadmap to lasting happinessWe’re a family of 6 from California. We left our home in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2007 and have been exploring the world in a variety of ways ever since. For the first few years we lived in various US cities while pursuing business opportunities, but still figured we’d eventually return “home”.  Then we realized we LOVE the education and excitement that comes from living somewhere new, and realized traveling full-time was something we wanted to pursue indefinitely. We plugged into the “location independent” and “worldschooling” communities and grew more confident that this was the right path for us, as we could see other families blossom in incredible ways.   But, there is a difference between dreaming and doing, and it took multiple serious health issues to give us the push we needed to take the leap.  That is why we call our blog “Silver Lining Life”.  If we hadn’t had the dark times, life may never have become as amazing as it has.

In 2014 we sold 99% of our stuff and said “see you soon” to friends, and began to travel the globe full-time. We spent 18 months traveling through the U.S. and Canada in a 100 sq. ft. RV with three of four kids (the oldest has already flown the nest) and our fur-princess, Sonia.  In February of 2016 we hopped a plane to begin our European adventure. We’ve since explored Italy, Greece and Turkey, the UK and Ireland. Our eldest recently toured Japan and this year the rest of us flew to Mexico.  After that? You’ll just have to subscribe to find out…



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